Strategy & Analysis Services

Pay Off by Planning Ahead

Sometimes you just don’t know where to begin with a new product, business, or marketing plan. Or, you already have things in place, but you have no idea if anyone really is getting your message. All the ideas are there, but how do you set a plan to move forward to execute?

Brad Kish Design can help put all that into an organized process to streamline your goals. From analyzing users from your current site, creating lead generation strategies, or even putting a completely new marketing program in place, the planning put forth will be seen with a large ROI.

The Marketing Process

Brad Kish Design has a recipe for creating new strategies, and the main ingredient is listening. Hearing the initial needs from you lets us reverse engineer goals and create a strategy for your plan.


To start a plan, the main ingredient to move forward is knowing the audience and what they’re looking for.


Delivering the final message and product to the audience


Creating and delivering a message that relates to your audience is key for keeping them engaged.


View the audience response to the campaign, track usage, and adjust if need be for better engagement


Create how and what type of system, platform, or media channel will deliver the message to your core audience.

Strategy & Analysis Services
audience personas
content matrix development
design strategies
lead generation
marketing plans
user plans/journeys
website seo & analytics

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